What If We Froze for 1000 Years?

YupLife Staff

The concept of freezing living organisms is called Cryogenics. It is a branch of physics that deals with very low temperatures: how to produce the lowest temperatures possible (below minus 30oC), and what effects these low temperatures have on organisms or elements. The prefix cryo is derived from the Greek word kryos, meaning “cold.” Did you ever wonder if you could live to see the 22nd century? Can cryogenics help you to do that? Watch the video to know what if we froze for 1000 years.

What If We Froze?

What If We Froze?

Currently, there are about 300 cryogenically frozen individuals in the United States, and 50 in Russia. And yet, no one has ever been revived from cryosleep. The goal is that the technology to awake people up from cryosleep will be possible sometime soon.

The concept behind cryonics is that humans can be preserved at super-low temperatures, and later be revived to full health. This concept of cryonics is largely supported based on the fact that many living things, including human embryos, can be successfully cryopreserved and revived.


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