5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sweating

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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sweating

To be honest, most of us avoid sweating and we also do our best to conceal it. Yet sweating is important to our health, just as it was for our ancestral humans. The strength to sweat while hunting in a hot climate empowered humans to adapt, survive, and become skilled hunter-gatherers. Ritual sweating was also used for healing and cleansing purposes and spiritual and soulful healing. However, healthy lifestyle can reduce the risks of diseases. Here are some surprising health benefits of sweating.

Health Benefits of Sweating

Though sweating is usually not appreciated by us, it’s essential to know why we do it. Sweat glands assist our skin filter toxins out of the body, which in turn improves our immune system. Keep reading to know the further health benefits of sweating.

Cooling Mechanism

Cooling mechanism of the body

The main purpose of sweating is a cooling mechanism for the body. Contrary to what you might imagine, it isn’t triggered by our heart rate or frequent movement, but by sensors in our brains that detect hot and humid conditions. Pretty smart right? The brain indicates our sweat glands to discharge liquid to maintain cool our overall body temperature.

Remove toxic materials

Sweat removes toxic from body

Sweat also serves as a cleansing system for the body. Everyday life endangers the body with unnatural elements that find their way into our body and along with urine and blood, sweat is the main tool for relieving ourselves of these undesired elements. Elements such as acetone (found in nail polish remover and paint stripper) and gasoline (used for the gas we put in our car) are examples of toxic elements that sweat automatically discharges from our bodies.

Disease diagnosis

Health Benefits of Sweating

Medical experts have been concentrating on collecting the wealth of knowledge that sweat provides as it rests on our skin, to help with the investigation of diseases that normally need far more invasive examination. Over the past few years, medical experts have developed the technique to measure alcohol levels, glucose levels, and salt concentration, all from sweat. These discoveries have served with an array of concerns, and sweat is contributing to lives being saved.

Contains antibiotics

Sweat contains antibiotics

Not general knowledge, but an outstanding example of the surprising health benefits of sweating is that it contains antibiotics. Sweat contains a very minute amount of the antibiotic dermcidin, which the body uses to discard bacteria from the surface of your skin. Dermcidin is so powerful because it attacks the actual cell walls of bacteria, adapts swiftly to whatever the target is, and the bacteria itself strives to fight back against it.

Heals wounds

Sweat heals wounds

Luckily our sweat glands don’t just produce antibiotics; they also have healing powers that aid repair the body. This is pretty wondrous, and the glands do this by producing stem cells. These stem cells have been examined in treatment for wounds and found to repair the wound faster and stronger than medication without. 


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