How Hustle Culture is Destroying Your Health?

YupLife Staff

Devotion to long hours of labor to gain victory has been greatly appreciated, but is this trend becoming lethal and obstructing for entrepreneurial purposes? It is an evergreen debate on how hustle culture is destroying your health? There are two fighting trends for the person of the current century. First one, there’s too much dedication to the hustle and the second there’s a counteraction to hustle culture.

How Hustle Culture is Destroying Your Health?

Unsustainable Expectations

You surely have heard “Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you are done.”

It may seem rough and tough, but it’s not a sustainable suggestion. If you never stop when you’re tired, you’re pushing yourself into fatigue. Even if you succeed to keep that going for some time, you can’t probably do it over the long distance.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

The unnecessary approach to keep going only creates more barriers to a deep and peaceful sleep.

Usually, hustle culture hinders healthy nutritional habits. Fast or junk food choices start appearing more economical than cooking from the start, even though the faster options are far less helpful fuel for your body. Over time, this can result in illness and a loss of energy. Sitting down on the job for long hours may not be as dangerous as puffing cigarettes, but it’s not beneficial.

Exhausting Culture

We all get the equal 168 hours per week, no more and no less.

Continuously pushing means striving for something, never managing any time for other preferences that make life live. No matter how hard we work, or how precisely, we can never actually create more time. So if you’re continually doing work-related tasks in chase of the infinite hustle, which means you’ve given up something else that might be more satisfying or beneficial in terms of your overall peace and well-being.

Promotes Burnout

Yes, there are some occasions and situations, when burning the candle at both ends is necessary if you want to hit your mark and be successful. However, never taking time to relax and explore the world around you is a reason for exhaustion and stress, which can lead to burnout.


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