Girl Performed Surgery on Butterfly with Broken Wings: It Was a Surprise

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Girl Performed Surgery on Butterfly with Broken Wings: It Was a Surprise

We all generally believe that once a butterfly loses its wings or a part of it, it will be impossible for her to fly again. Apparently, there is nothing any could do to fix that for little creatures. And as a matter of fact, it is usually deemed as the butterflies only live for a few days. But a girl performed surgery on butterfly and what happened next totally surprised her.

A Girl Performed Surgery on Butterfly

Luckily, Romy McCloskey, who is dressgirl200 on Reddit decided to do something for the poor butterflies. She had fallen into breeding butterflies by chance, so she did exactly what needed to be done. Romy decided to transform her house into an operating room. But she needed a complete set of devices and tools to operate on this poor feeble little guy.


women give butterfly wing transplant

All her years of expertise served her for this very moment. She was now about to perform quite a difficult operation, giving the butterfly the wing transplant it desperately needed. Then she took to Imgur to upload photos of the whole operation.


A Girl Performed Surgery on Butterfly

Romy’s mother, who has passed away, told Romy that whenever she saw a butterfly, she should “know that I’m there with you and that I love you.’” Now, this three-day-old beautiful needed her help. The butterfly was born with torn wings.

Butterflies had always had a special significance in her life.

The Operation

She used a sheet, some contact adhesive, a toothpick, cotton swab, tweezers, talc powder, wire hook, and scissors. Then it was time to conduct the transplantation. Sadly, one of her little butterflies had died a few days before, so she used those wings to give this little fellow a second chance.

women conducted an operation on butterfly with broken wings

The surgery wasn’t easy, as it needed a collection of miniature tools that would allow her to come in contact with its delicate wings without damaging him even further.

But if you’re thinking if this troubles them at all, you don’t need to bother. As a matter of fact, cutting the split parts away kind of feels like when you cut your fingernails or your hair. So the butterfly was much safe in her patient, steady hands. She fastened the butterfly first and then started chopping away any parts that were broken.

A Girl Performed Surgery on Butterfly

At last! All her hard work paid off! The little chap would get to live another day. Romy wrote on her Imgur post that you can see that some of the designs on her new wing don’t match the real ones, “The black lines do not match entirely and it is missing the black dot (male marking) on the lower right wing, but with fate, he will fly!”

women performed operation on butterfly

Not only did he make it out alive, but he’s all recovered and ready to fly! Yes, and that sandy substance you see on his right-wing is just talc! She applied it to restrain his wings from clinging together. Lord, aren’t you a victim for a happy ending?

A Girl Performed Surgery on Butterfly

The surgery was a complete success, and eventually, she was able to transplant the new wing.


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