Simple Tricks to Fix Winter Fashion Problems

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Simple Tricks to Fix Winter Fashion Problems

There are a lot of things to love the winter fashion either it is long boots, cozy sweaters or dazzling holiday dress. But there are also many problems associated with the fashion in cold seasons like salt-stained shoes and pilling sweaters. So here are simple solutions to fix winter fashion problems.

Fix Winter Fashion Problems

Salt Stained Shoes

Salt Stained Shoes - Fix Winter Fashion Problems

We’ve all lost a pair of shoes to dreaded white salt lines. While the best method to protect your footwear is to coat them with a protecting spray before the season starts, you can still change the salt corrosion. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with one cup of cold water. Soak a cloth into the solution and rub on the salt spots until they disappear. Allow the shoe air dry and there you have – fresh as new. Also check out the best sneakers for men under $200.

Pilling Sweaters

Pilling Sweaters

Nothing feels great than wearing a cozy, lovely sweater in the winter (particularly when it’s matched with a skirt). But when you don’t take care of your sweater well (overlooking the “dry clean” or “hand wash only” tags, for instance), it can lead to pilling which makes it look faded and worn out. Eliminate those tiny pellets of fiber by “shaving” the sweater with a razor. Make it certain to use very tender strokes so you don’t accidentally cut a hole in the garment, and move gently and precisely. Learn how to combine fashion with comfort.


Lint - Tricks to Fix Winter Fashion Problems

Wearing a sweater or a fur coat almost always means the blouse beneath will be covered in fuzz. (Cause we love layering in winter). If you don’t have a lint roller on hand, reach into your makeup bag and take your reliable beauty blender—the lint will attach right to it! Also check out best homemade facial masks.

Static Cling

Static Cling

In winter, dry months, static cling can make even your loveliest dress stick to you in all the awkward places. Discharge static with this little simple trick: Just hide a safety pin underneath your clothes to eliminate the electric charge. If you’re in a hurry and can’t find a safety pin, run a metal hanger beneath your clothes before you run out the door. Learn the best ways to use beauty products.

A Run in Your Tights

A Run in Your Tights

Does it seem like you’re continually buying and trashing tights in the winter? The next time you get a run or hole, spray it with hairspray to settle the edges and prevent it from stretching. You can also paint the ends with clear nail polish, which will have the same impact. Learn how to dress like a cowgirl.

Hanger Marks

Hanger Marks - Fix Winter Fashion Problems

Winter fashion rule number one: Never hang your sweaters. If you already have or you don’t have space in your drawers, here’s how to get rid of those impacts the hangers make in the shoulders of your sweater: Wet your fingers with water and rub them over the bumps. (You can also use an ice cube.) The wet fibers will contract back to normal once they dry. Check out how to transform the outfit from casual to trendy?

Hat Hairs

Flat Hat hairs

Nothing demonstrates winter fashion well like an adorable knit hat. The side effect? Taking it off and exposing a flat, disordered head of hair. To evade that not-so-cute messy look, make sure your hair is fully dry before putting on a hat. Keep in mind that Wet hair + hat = flat hair. When styling, use volumizing products to give your hair a little extra strength to resist the weight of the hat and try these best homemade shampoos to keep your hairs at their best.


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